Google made over $6.8 billion last year

Google made 6.8 billion dollars on insurance last year

Google’s revenue last year was close to $29 Billion. If you look at how much of their revenue comes from search advertising (mainly Google Adwords), this equates to 28.4B. Now let’s look at how much of that comes from Insurance
According to Wordstream, the number one money earner (in terms of Cost Per Click) are insurance related terms. This works out at a whopping 6.8 BILLION DOLLARS just for insurance related terms in one year. downgrades content farms, voucher and tech websites

Affiliate marketers say we love voucher websites but Google says not. It has downgraded 10 voucher websites in its UK organic search results,  according to data published by Search Metrics.

CouponSnapshot, DiscountVouchers, DiscountShoppingUK,  MyVoucherCodes, NetVoucherCodes, PromotionalCodes, ShoppingVouchers, VoucherHub, VoucherSeeker and VoucherStar have lost  between 50 – 99% visibility  in Search Metrics‘ Organic Performance Index which measures how websites are negatively and positively affected by changes in Google’s algorithm.

Tech content sites are down too. ComputerWeekly, ElectricPig,  ITProPortal, Pocket-Lint, RegHardware, TechRadar, TechWatch and WiseGeek are all likely to see fewer vists from Google’s organic results, says Search Metrics.

The changes are the result of Google’s latest algorithm which the search giant says identifies higher quality sites and incorporates user feedback to help people find better search results. Referred to as Google’s Panda update it was initially linked to so called content farms. Many of these appear on Search Metrics’ biggest loser list: About, ArticleBase,  AssociatedContent, eHow, eZineArticles, HubPages, Mahalo, Squidoo and Suite101.

Downgraded sites that are popular are likely to find their way back into Google’s search results. Those that were living purely by Google it seems are destined to die by Google too.