5 Effective Ways of Preventing Damage to Your Smartphone

Nothing is as devastating as seeing the remains of your phone splattered out all over the floor from an accidental drop. Smartphones are a great piece of technology and make everyday life easier, despite the ease of them; they are extremely fragile and are susceptible to damage.

Phone cover from as little as £2.50 per monthFix your broken phone

We often hear people say ‘invest in insurance for your phone, it makes all the difference in the world’, but how many of us actually take out insurance? Not many I’d say. Knowing if your mobile device is worth having insurance really depends on the kind of handset you have and if you’re on a monthly contract or not. Contact us.

What do you do when you drop your phone?

Phone repair companies are affordable and the best ones will have the ability to restore your phone back to feeling and performing like brand new.  We advise choosing repair specialists that are flexible and are able to fit around your busy lifestyle, with the option of mailing it in, or dropping it off yourself. Call 020 3206 1627 to receive a quote for your broken phone. Read more here.

How to prevent water damageSmashed android phone

Don’t take your phone into the bathroom, or use it when your hands are wet. It may sound like a simple rule that may not have much effect and is difficult to stick to, but if we don’t follow this rule then water can enter the internal hardware which can cause serious damage. Learn how to fix it yourself by clicking here.

Damage to the internal hardware can be caused by a number of things, but the main ones is continuous dropping of your phone and water damage.