Navigate, sort, and edit your data with ease

Move around a worksheet quickly

The standard shortcut for getting quickly around the worksheet to the first or last entry in a filled row or column involves using Ctrl and the relevant arrow key. For instance, hold down Ctrl and press the down arrow to go to the last entry in the current column. Similarly, Ctrl + left arrow will take you to the first entry in a block in the current row.

There’s an equally effective and less well known trick: double-click on the border of any cell or cell range that you have selected, and you’ll move to the last filled cell in that direction.

Starting a business? Understand Technology

Want to start a businessWe assist over 100 businesses to start up each year.

You may have an idea that you think could have commercial potential but you are not sure what to do next.  You may just want to talk to someone or have already done your ‘homework’ and now want to get going.  Whatever the situation, there are a lot of questions that have to be asked before starting a business